ABC Of Inner World-II

Same way as human soul the soul of universe is not something hidden, hidden behind matter or beyond matter! The planets and galaxies does not hide but reveal their soul; the universal soul? It is revealed by their function, by the arrangement, by their de-arrangement and rearrangement. By the cycle of birth and death of stars and galaxies!

Yes physical laws do exist both in live and non live forms. Universal soul is the eternal presence of ‘essence of universe’ in all heavenly bodies. In human body this eternal presence manifest as awareness, awareness of matter.

In universe this eternal presence manifest as awareness of the universe. Our miniscule material body, miniscule intelligence, miniscule awareness is reminder to us that it is universe that is ‘aware and intelligent’. We on earth cannot feel the speed with which the earth moves. Similarly “awareness and intelligence of universe is incomprehensible to us.

This soul of the universe is the universal soul existing as the base reality of universe. All the attributes of appearance of the universe are not hiding its soul; they are revealing it. The outward appearance and functional presence of universe reveals the eternal and infinite essence of the universe.

The real nature of universe, its essence or its soul does not exist as a separate entity, as an intervening third party or which sometimes play its part as God or sometimes it is said as hidden reality existing away and beyond its body of planets and stars, atoms and molecules. There must not be some God existing as separate entity from rest of universe, some anthropomorphic God, some chemical or sub-atomic God as we understand sometimes. Or similar human contemplation? Or some philosophically deduced God! It is all utterly absurd and inconceivable.

Universe exists both as a seed and idea both as temporal and spiritual entity. As temporal we find full bloomed expanding universe when we watch galaxies and stars. Universe exist both as idea and recognition of this idea in the universe itself.

Universal soul or Brham´ (Skt.-the ever expanding universe literally!) is the names of same reality, a symbolic representation by words. Before we name anything we create a totality of that item. Then we select a symbolic word best suitable to this totality. A symbolic word or name is revealed in the mind and conveys the comprehensible meaning of things we observe.

A crow is a crow because it crows. Name is not the reality but it indicates reality. If you yourself crow you don’t become crow. Naming the things is for our rational comprehension of reality. Names points out towards the reality.

Reality of universe is both submerged and revealed nature of nature i.e. nature of its body. God is natured in nature. God is not hidden from nature.

God is not away from nature.

Every spec of creation, its chemical or physical part; its atomic or sub-atomic division reveals the soul or nature of God, or the universe.

All matter, the dark matter, the anti matter or whatever comprehensible and visible to our senses or discovered so far exist as one substance. All the quanta, the waves, the particles denote the same substance. There is no independent existence of separate substance from this substance. Logically no two substances can co-exist.

Behind the apparent multiplicity there is one single unity. Whole is one single whole not otherwise. This as totality is one single substance that makes nature. No other matter different from whole matter of universe exists. All individual elements are the manifestation of this same substance. Basically they are form of energy which join or bond with each other to create diverse chemical and physical manifestations.

The chemical bonding in another peculiar way create biological life and life forms.

This single substance pervades and invades the nature. This does not evade the nature.

This single substance is both the function and reality of this substance, of the gross nature. God as nature acts from the same necessity by which it exists. It is infinite, necessary, uncaused and indivisible reality. This one single substance is infinite. No other substance which is other than this can be the cause of it. No other reality separate from its own nature can be conceived.

Hence realty as we name it is Uncaused. Cause will come if another substance exists parallel to universe. Then we shall say this is cause of reality. Then what is the cause of that cause? Manifest nature is extended in its qualities. Extension is another attribute of the reality. Reality as substance is extended in its properties. Biological matter is extension of chemical and physical matter. Mind and thoughts are the extensions of the biological matter. Mind of man is the extension of the biological body. Thoughts and ideas are the extensions of mind. Intellectuality and wisdom are extensions of thoughts.

They all stem from single substance which is matter in exact physical sense. Similarly man as body is extended substance of nature and man as mind is an extended substance of universal mind.

Everything in extension has the same physical continuation as of the primary matter. The soul, the consciousness or spirit are the physical attributes though these things are not quantifiable by known physical methods. But this does not mean that they are imagined. Imagination is constructed by the thoughts to make understandable the themes. Imagination as an act is physical attribute of mind but something which is imagined by the thoughts but has no physical existence is not part of nature.

So any idea which arises in the mind is just one mode or attribute of nature of reality. It is not mere expression of the attribute, it is the attribute. Something that exists in nature and idea of that something which exists in mind belong to same substance.

Infinite series of ideas arising in human minds constitute universal mind or infinite intellect of the nature.

Matter is both live and non-live. All matter exists as necessity of existence. Both lion and cow have their own necessities. Matter does not judge the matter. Does not put bars to the choices. Matter is randomly free but act strictly to the physico-chemical laws that have been evolved and still evolving.

These laws are not planned or devised. These laws existence exist because there is necessity of existence of diversity. A judging God who has plans and act purposefully is not the real God or soul of nature.

Nature doesn’t judge what her creatures do! God do not judge or punish his creation. God of one’s own thoughts, an imaginary one is not the real God. Seeing God as one who is to be pacified through prayers is absurd and inconceivable.

As nature or God or universe has no definite cause so they have no definite end. It begins from where it ends and still not cyclic. It is astonishingly evolutionary.

There are no plans or goals of nature. Nature is not necessarily pre-determined. So reality of nature cannot not pre-plan everything.  Man is not end and nature has never put higher creation man as the end part of their plans. The things follow one another without any conceivable predestined end or predetermined origin. This one single attribute determines freedom of man on earth.

All revealed religions reveal mind of universe. They merely unmask the universal laws of existence. A creation such as man is bound to limit his vision to see the exact reality of universal laws. All beliefs in conscience, morality, love, faith in God etc. are not mere concepts created by man. They are revealed laws of nature. They are created for peaceful co-existence and avoid undue confrontation.

Nature by its own exists in same two modes. It creates balance in the form of peaceful co-existence for creation but still everything can be destroyed in seconds for the purpose of random recreation. It is all random.

To escape from this chance randomness we create well structured psychological themes like justice, honesty and impartiality. These are simply invented to create a life of order to have sufficient mental freedom to look for other intelligent aspects of nature.

These psychological principles do not exist in the physical world and only cause a small negligible change of physical world. Exact physical world exists independently of psychology of the men.

Swaran J Omcawr

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2 thoughts on “ABC Of Inner World-II”

  1. The human soul
    the soul of universe
    Are not hidden

    They reveal in nature
    The planets, the stars
    The galaxies

    The essence of the universe
    Is eternal
    beyond life and dead

    Aware and intelligent
    Incomprehensible to us…

    This essence is one
    No duality
    No separation

    A reality
    Beyond understanding

  2. The human soul
    the soul of universe
    Are not hidden

    They reveal in nature
    The planets, the stars
    The galaxies

    Best conveyed….

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